• 06.10.15

It Turns Out “Entourage” Was Even More Repetitive Than You Remember

This supercut of a particular tic from Entourage proves the HBO series was even more repetitive than you remember.

Watch any show long enough and you begin to see the patterns. With HBO’s Entourage, though, “long enough” need only be, like, two or three episodes. Something bad almost happens to Vincent Chase, the thespianic cipher at the show’s core, but then it doesn’t. Power agent and champion yeller Ari Gold gets mad at his assistant, but then he earns Vincent Chase one million dollars. Goofball hanger-on Turtle and Vincent’s even worse brother hatch a dumb plan and it goes wrong, but not too wrong. Semi-successful friend E is sad about a lady but is semi-successful with Hollywood stuff. Two and a half breasts are shown, and a cameo from Ludacris, and that’s all she wrote. Wash, rinse, repeat. (Oh yee-eah!) As nauseatingly repetitive as the show is on the surface, however, someone recently uncovered another aspect within the show that’s just as recurrent–like getting déjà vu about getting déjà vu.


YouTuber Rob Hunter put together a supercut of moments on the show when characters spouted the same snatch of dialogue twice for echoey emphasis. These instances range from classic phraseology straight out of the bro handbook (“Vegas, baby, Vegas”) to wholly unnecessary doubling (“After we digest, Eric… After we digest.”) The video runs two minutes and probably doesn’t capture every single instance in the series’ eight-season run, to give an idea of how wide-spread this screenwriting tic is. It’s enough to make you wonder whether Entourage was ghostwritten by Jimmy Two-Times from Goodfellas.

As a sidenote, when comedian Gil Ozeri broadcast a half-suicidal, 48-hour, sleepless Entourage marathon this past weekend, he somehow did not notice this pattern, but he did notice that over the course of eight seasons, women on the show only spoke to each other a total of eight times. You were terrible for women, Entourage. You were terrible for women.

[via The High Definite]

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