See What Famous Female Animated Characters Look Like With More Realistic Faces

Watching a movie means seeing the world through another characters eyes. It’s difficult to do so with animated films sometimes, though, since so many characters possess eyes so large their sunglasses would probably be the size of two Frisbees conjoined like an infinity sign.

Last year, one artist attempted to fill this uncanny valley, and it got a little too real—with classic Disney creations looking like flesh-and-blood folks you might find serving you at Carrabba’s. Now, another digital dreamer has set out to, rather than go full human with the cartoon cosmetic surgery, get these characters more properly proportional.

Elsa Before and After

Tumblr artist The Nameless Doll has done away with the Disney status quo of wide, round faces, Lake Michigan-sized eyes, and tiny button noses; trading it all in for a more authentic aesthetic. While the characters still look like the familiar (and oddly similar) characters we know, love, and aspire to embody, Doll’s subtle renditions make them like far less like adorable alien-faced creatures.

The project was born from the artist’s desire to test out her Photoshop skills. (I’d say she passed!) Elsewhere on the Tumblr, Doll experiments with changing animated characters’ bodies as well—turning Belle into a plus-size beauty, for example. It seems these bodily proportions are the only ones most animators don’t exaggerate on their heroes. While the faces are wide and eyeballs enormous, the waistlines tend to remain painfully slim.

Have a look at more of the images in the slides above.