El Capitan Will Make Your Mac Feel More Like An iPad

Apple’s new Mac OS is getting some big changes.

OS X Yosemite is getting a new successor–OS X 10.11 nicknamed “El Capitan”–and its functionality will owe quite a bit to Windows 10’s user interface.

A new “split view” feature will let users place programs side by side to multitask on the same screen, and swiping functionality will be further integrated into OS X. Gesture control and swipes will become a much bigger part of the Mac experience going forward.

Other features include new functionality that will make the cursor bigger if you shake on it, a “Pinned Sites” feature in Safari, easier muting of music and audio, increased search functionality, and Windows-like live feeds of weather, sports, and news information. The increased search functions in the Spotlight feature, however, are the most important to Apple in the long term–El Capitan integrates natural language searches into the desktop, which is something that offers deeply increased flexibility to app developers.NU