The Burger King Picks Another Winner, This Time It’s American Pharoah At Belmont

For the second time in as many months Burger King’s royal mascot has picked the winner in a major sporting event. Last month, The King strolled to the ring with Floyd Mayweather before the boxer went on to win the “Fight of the Century” over Manny Pacquiao. This time, the burger monarch was spotted hanging out with American Pharaoh trainer Bob Baffert in the owner’s box before the horse won the Belmont Stakes to became the first to win the triple crown in 37 years.

Not a bad track record for picking winners. But, just as with the Mayweather fight, the brand was remaining coyly tight-lipped about the branded arrangement. It’s been speculated the brand paid about $1 million to walk alongside Mayweather.

As for the deal behind the Belmont appearance, Burger King CMO Eric Hirschhorn is keeping his cards close, providing us with this statement, “As a good friend of Bob Baffert Racing Stables, The King wanted to be there to celebrate this monumental moment in sports, and congratulates American Pharaoh on his crowning achievement.”

It is the sport of kings, after all, so it makes sense that the smiling monarch is a “good friend” of the Baffert squad, and what’s a little bonus earned media between powerful friends?