Prepare For Prestige Spielberg With The First Trailer For “Bridge of Spies,” Starring Tom Hanks

In 1993, Steven Spielberg directed two films. One was Jurassic Park, the other was Schindler’s List. (Both great films, but we both know which one you wish you were watching right now.) This year established the dichotomy of Spielbergs–the two divisive factions warring within. There’s Fun Spielberg and then there’s Prestige Spielberg, and never the twain shall meet. The director’s latest film looks about as close as the two get, though.

The first trailer for Bridge of Spies debuted online today, following a reveal of the poster on Thursday. The Cold War thriller reunites Spielberg with his Saving Private Ryan leading man, and America’s surrogate Dad, Tom Hanks. Based on real events, the story finds Hanks’s Brooklyn insurance lawyer somehow at the center of a trade-off between an American spy and a Soviet spy, imprisoned in their respective enemy countries. Also, Jesse Plemons is involved! Love that guy.

Will Tom Hanks broker the hell out of this deal and save the day? Will more than 20% of Fun Spielberg seep into what is clearly a Prestige Spielberg film? Find out this October when Bridge of Spies is released.