Tumblr Launching GIF Search Engine

Tumblr, which has become one of the Internet’s go-to GIF distribution mechanisms, is unveiling a GIF search engine. The new product launched today on Tumblr’s homepage, and builds upon the massive library of images the microblogging platform has compiled over the years.

Instead of using a third-party partner, Tumblr’s search engine was built internally and only searches GIFs already posted on Tumblr. Indexing is based around the hashtags users append to their images, and ranking is based on a GIF’s popularity.

Interestingly, Tumblr is combining the new search engine with greater GIF integration into the site’s dashboard, as part of an effort to encourage more users to share GIFs. Starting today, users can do one-click GIF posts on Tumblr, which is great news for creative types and the media brands that are increasingly the service’s advertising bread and butter.

Apart from popular independent Giphy, Hulu recently launched a GIF search engine as well.

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