Tweeting Potholes, Superheroes Of Sleep: The Top 5 Ads Of The Week

Talking to the Swedish Armed Forces, a cereal soap opera, and a virtual reality PSA for child slavery.

Tweeting Potholes, Superheroes Of Sleep: The Top 5 Ads Of The Week

Hey, quick, name the Top 5 best bed commercials of all time. Yes, five. Okay, okay, three. How about a Top 3? Still, no? Alright, one. The best. Name the best bed commercial ever. . . annnd nothing. Like trying to name the greatest Limp Bizkit song.


The best bed commercial in recent memory is, of course, from Ikea but now BeautyRest has stepped up, up and away from the chorus of soft music and coil tech to actually entertain and engage us. It’s a bit disorienting, to be honest, but the fact we’ve been saved from yet another round of yawn-inducing ads almost makes us want to go spray some champagne.

Keep reading for more about the new BeautyRest work and the rest of our picks for this week’s best in brand creativity.

Swedish Armed Forces “Live Job Interview”

What: A recruitment campaign that allowed people to talk to four different enlisted members of the armed forces via live video, while they were on-duty.
Who: DDB Stockholm, Swedish Armed Forces
Why We Care: Committing to the military is a bit more intense than a civilian job, but how much can you actually learn about it from adrenaline-pumped ads that are more like action movie than real life? By getting real members of the armed forces to answer questions, the organization automatically establishes a sense of trust and transparency with potential recruits.


French Toast Crunch “The Tiny & The Tasty”

What: The first ad campaign for the General Mills-owned cereal brand since it returned to grocery aisles five months ago following a consumer drive to bring it back after a nine-year absence.
Who: General Mills, McCann
Why We Care: Soap opera absurdity is just that much better when it involves expressionless dolls and delicious cereal.

Terre des Homes “Amani”

What: A haunting, 360-degree virtual reality film that immerses viewers into the life of a Kenyan child slave.
Who: Terre des Homes, Revolver Amsterdam, The Ambassadors
Why We Care: Last year the organization memorably raised awareness of child sex tourism with the award-winning “Sweetie,” and this year it uses the concept of seeing is believing to tell a heartbreaking story that goes further than statistics and numbers ever could to open our eyes to a serious issue.

BeautyRest “League of Super Heroes”

What: A hilarious demonstrations of what the brand’s beds—and the superior sleep they produce—can do for you.
Who: Simmons BeautyRest, Kbs New York
Why We Care: Mattresses never represented the most exciting advertising cateogry. But here, the brand eschews the usual coil tech talk to serve up some solid laughs with barely a bed in sight.


Telemetro Reporta “The Tweeting Pothole”

What: A small hockey puck-like motion sensitive device was put in potholes on some of Panama City’s busiest streets and, each time a car drove over it, it would send a tweet requesting to be fixed to the Ministry of Public Works.
Who: Telemetro Reporta, P4 Ogilvy & Mather
Why We Care: What better way to use automated social media than help solve an urban ill? It may be happening in Panama but the Tweeting Pothole has been covered by media worldwide because, in addition to love, the other international language is hating traffic. And apparently it’s getting some results.


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