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Q&A With Dhananja Jayalath, CEO & Cofounder Of Athos

Athos is leveraging data to provide actionable awareness that will improve your workout.

How do you promote a culture of fitness and wellness among your team? As an entrepreneur leading a growing venture, how do you manage to incorporate fitness into your life on the go?


Because of the unique nature of our product, our team is quite diverse. We have experts in hardware, software, exercise, data science, visual design, fashion design, textiles, and electronics. The one thing we all have in common is a passion for fitness and health. As a company, we often host internal contests such as our weekly “most intense workout” competition that sometimes (but not always) involve Athos gear. Additionally we gather as a team at least once a day to do some squats and pull ups in our office gym. Working out has this incredible ability to reset your body, much more effectively than any other activity. When I travel, I try to do cardio and body weight work and I sometimes workout in airports when I have really long layovers.

As the wearable fitness device market continues to grow, how will Athos reach consumers who seek a more data-driven workout?

At Athos we don’t believe consumers are as concerned with data-driven workouts as they are with quality workouts. We leverage data to provide actionable awareness that goes beyond just data to make a difference that will improve your workout. Fortunately, we have garnered an incredible amount of awareness through press and word of mouth. We are focused on building a product that provides utility and uses the value it creates to attract more customers.

As a brand so closely aligned with mobile technology, how have Athos products changed as mobile devices continue to evolve?


The really exciting change in mobile technology for us has been the increase in processing power that we’ve seen over the last few years. Five years ago, what we are doing would have been impossible because of the processing power and lack of low- power communication like Bluetooth low energy. These developments have allowed us to to interpret, understand, present the data, and optimize for battery life and price point. The next set of innovations in the mobile space that has us excited are the secondary extensions of the mobile ecosystem—watches and glasses (HUDs) as these open new ways to display and to interact with information. I’m particularly excited by the opportunity presented with the watch interface. We have a few very compelling and value-adding experiences we plan to deliver that will highly leverage watches as a platform.

What’s next for Athos?

As a startup we have to be incredibly focused on doing what we do really, really
well. We are focused on building an incredible experience and providing more value to our customers. Besides that, we are focused on doing what every other clothing company does: designing new apparel to expand our line.


What are three things that you cannot travel without?


  1. Noise-isolating earbuds
  2. iPad®
  3. Sriracha packets

Tell us about some of your favorite apps for keeping your team organized/connected while on-the-go?

  1. Slack
  2. Evernote
  3. Box

What destination are you off to next?

  1. Vienna – Pioneers Conference
  2. Colombo, Sri Lanka
  3. Philadelphia

Dhananja Jayalath is the CEO & Cofounder of Athos

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