What’s That In My Feed? Instagram Will Have More Ads Soon

The next time you use Instagram, expect to see more ads. Those ads will be targeted to what’s in your feed and will allow you to open websites and download apps within Instagram. On June 2, Instagram announced the changes on its business blog; they are intended to make the massively popular, Facebook-owned image-sharing site more attractive to advertisers.

In an email to Fast Company, a spokesperson said that the new advertising functionality will include ads that “enable people to take actions directly from an Instagram ad, like sign up for a website or service, download an app, or go to a retailer’s online store to buy a product.” Instagram will also make it easier for businesses of any size to buy ads.

The changes will also allow users to control what kind of advertisements show up in their feeds.

Instagram’s new advertisements will roll out for a mass audience in June, following a testing period for different iterations of new direct-response ads.

Although Facebook is one of the largest digital ad platforms for businesses, the company has not yet begun aggressive advertising on its other properties, such as Instagram and WhatsApp. Thanks to Facebook’s massive data aggregating across their various products, it has one of the world’s largest and most comprehensive database on customer tastes, shopping habits, and daily activities.NU