Beyond Soft Music And Coils: Simmons Beautyrest Uses Superheroes and Bullhorns To Sell The Power Of Sleep

Until recently, bed advertising was pretty reliably, well, soporific. Show the bed. Show people lying comfortably on the bed. Show the technology and design behind that dimpled surface. Maybe add some soft, soothing music. A calm voiceover. Fin.

Now bedding brand Simmons, and its agency Kbs New York, have decided to switch it up a bit and sell you on the benefits of a great night’s sleep. In the brand’s new campaign for Simmons Beautyrest, directed by Hank Perlman, there’s barely a bed to be seen. Instead we get some hilarious demonstrations of what the beds–and the superior sleep they produce–can do, whether it’s inspire you to wax philosophical over a bullhorn to your entire neighborhood, rain the champagne all day long, or attempt a dramatic career change to become a superhero. That last angle in particular feels timely given the ubiquity of superhero entertainments, and related questions about whether the world really needs some of the third and fouth string characters being served up.

When it comes to buying a bed, product quality is a big factor, but what’s smart about the new “Look Out World” campaign is that it acknowledges a hard truth–you need people to pay attention before they can absorb anything about your air chambers or your diamond-particle-enhanced foam (both features of Simmons’ beds).

The question–why should anyone watch this, let alone like the brand?–becomes even more crucial in an era when people are bombarded by more brand messaging than ever. Thankfully, Beautyrest came up with the same answer for beds as Quilted Northern did for toilet paper. Don’t make an ad that’s just “good for a bed ad.”

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