Today in Tabs: The Caitlyn-Free Edition


Today in Tabs: The Caitlyn-Free Edition

The Kardashians (Kris, Kim, Kourtney, Kylie, Khloé, Kendall, Karlheinz, Kaneda, Kinja™, and Rob) welcome the newest Kardashian woman Caitlyn Jenner, who gets the full Annie Leibovitz glamor treatment on the cover of June’s Vanity Fair. The profile, by celebrity pants addict Buzz Bissinger, comes out June 9th.


How Did We Tab It? Politico went for the Twitter followers angle, just ahead of NYMag’s The Cut. The Daily Mail dot com covered the corset. Tech dot Mic found an awful pedant-bot attempting to correct people misgendering Caitlyn. Even when it’s well-meant, a bot that replies to people who don’t follow it is a terrible thing to create; never do this. Jamie Kennedy (somehow??) made it about dot me. Buzzfeed reminded us that Mike Huckabee is a horrible excuse for a human being. Mashable described the security involved in getting the issue’s cover photo printed. Reached for comment in Russia, Edward Snowden was like “oh dang that’s tight, son.” The Guardian recently reported on the long waits and poor support for gender services in the NHS, which sounds pretty bad until you remember that Americans have no right to healthcare at all. And finally, Pizza Hut’s Ol’ Knifey Twitter subsidiary made it about dot pizza:

Remember all the vague talk about what Medium is? As anyone could have guessed, this was the prelude to editorial cuts, particularly at The Nib, but apparently Medium employees are not allowed to talk about what’s going on. Meanwhile News Corp chief executive villain Robert Thompson denounced the “trash traffic” on “so-called contemporary content sites” like Buzzfeed. News Corp has taken a brave stand in declining to attract any of that trash traffic, or any traffic at all to speak of, to its own Buzzfeed clone, Internet Action Force.

Cancel the Vince Vaughnaissance. Register as Republican and vote for the crazy one in the primary, it’ll be great. Pew! Pew! Pew! It must be fun to be Taylor Swift. Gabe Roth on bad children’s books is a little too real. Don’t sign your emails it’s the worst, love Rusty. Too-cool game reviewer called out. I’m no Alfred Einstein but this is nonsense, right? Free Capybara.

it me

For no obvious reason, I woke up at 3am last night and didn’t really go back to sleep. I had a lot of quiet time to just think about things, and I came to some conclusions about what really matters in this harum-scarum, mixed up world of ours, which I will share right after:


Do you menstruate? Then it’s been an exciting week for you! Here in Canada the government decided that from July 1st, sales of tampons, sanitary pads, and menstrual cups will no longer be taxed. Pressure to do the same in the UK led various male politicians to respond, “It’s so complicated,” and “I can’t remember the answer,” and “It’s the EU’s fault.” While in Australia, Treasurer Joe Hockeypledged to consider” dropping the tax, while the Prime Minister waffled.

Most countries with sales tax allow for the exemption of goods deemed necessary for survival. Interpretations of what counts as “necessary” vary, ranging from simple grocery staples to health products like sunscreen. When feminine hygiene products are excluded from this list, the logical inference is that such items are a luxury, and we should all be happy to either pay through the nose or bleed through our clothes.

This is clearly a win for feminism, right? Some feminists think not! “We have bigger issues to worry about,” they say, and “It should all be free anyway!” And I agree (especially about the “free” thing–basic income 4 lyfe)! But I also think it’s important to recognize this small move towards being more consistent in our tax laws.

I have years of menstruation to look forward to, as I already have my children. I’ll be putting the extra dollar a month towards more catnip for them. (Yes, my children are cats. It’s the same. It’s the same as real children.)

Pay through the nose or bleed through our clothes!Romy, remind me to hire you to write my speeches when I run for office.

Anyway, I was just kidding about late night mentations on Life, The Universe, and Everything. I spent four hours in the middle of the night thinking about what I would do if I had 500 million dollars (spoiler: nothing responsible) and today I feel like broke, sleepy garbage.


Today’s Song: Screaming Females covering Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off” for the A.V. Undercover.

~How weary, stale, flat and unprofitable, seem to me all the tabs of this world!~

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