A New Magazine For Whisky Drinkers Exists Only On Instagram

Recently, we’ve seen impressive and innovative branded content that spans both print and Instagram. Now Ballantine’s whisky is applying a magazine sensibility to the social platform by launching a new “magazine” aimed at modern whisky drinkers.

Created by London-based creative shop Work Club, “W” uses a now familiar Instagram grid collage for a layout, giving people two ways to read . Each article is a grid of images. You can scroll down quickly to read the main points, or delve deeper by tapping into an image, leading you to further content, with comments providing the space for more detail and stories.

Work Club creative and designer Simon Cheadle says the brief from the brand was to stand out on Instagram, and get more followers. “Bringing editorial design and thinking into a relatively new platform like Instagram felt like an interesting way to cut through, and manipulating Instagram’s functionality seemed like a good challenge,” says Cheadle.

The first issue consists of three articles documenting the rise of the modern whisky drinker, and a look at the recent boost in popularity of whisky among younger audiences.

Right now it’s just the one issue, but Cheadle says they hope to produce more in the near future.