The Recommender: What Execs From Jawbone, Refinery29, And Vimeo Are Loving Right Now

Ukrainian folk fashion, chefs on demand, and a concert-discovery app.

The Recommender: What Execs From Jawbone, Refinery29, And Vimeo Are Loving Right Now
Vita Kin, a Ukrainian fashion designer [Photos: courtesy of Vita Kin]

“I recently came across Vita Kin, a Ukrainian fashion designer, on Instagram. Her embroidered and tasseled dresses have a fantasy-folklore feel. I want one in every color!”
— Christene Barberich
Cofounder and editor-in-chief, Refinery29


“French and Italian cuisine have such a stranglehold on the restaurant imagination. I break through by visiting Kalustyans, an Indian spice store. Cans of huitlacoche, a million sacks of dal . . . ideas go off in my brain like fireworks.”
— Amanda Cohen
Owner and chef, Dirt Candy, a New York–based restaurant

“My best childhood memories are from the Oakland A’s Coliseum and watching the Bash Brothers. You will find me there every weekend.”
— Joel Flory
Cofounder and CEO, VSCO

I’ve fallen for Vice’s HBO specials. You don’t get to see raw, well-reported footage of difficult situations anymore.”
— Mark Ramadan
Cofounder, Sir Kensington’s, and Fast Company MCP

VICEPhoto: Vice Productions, courtesy of HBO

Apps That Make It A Little Easier

1. To Get The Goods

Postmates is most known for food delivery, but I use it for random items like batteries when I don’t have time to pick up essentials.”
— Meredith Perry
Founder, uBeam

BoomerangIllustration: Scott Chambers

2. To Clear Clutter

“Turns out I need to scan a lot of stuff. Scannable, Evernote’s new stand-alone app, finds the document’s edges automatically and pushes the scans to all of my devices.”
— Noah Brier
Cofounder, Percolate

3. To Master Email

Boomerang has saved my life. It’s a Gmail plug-in that pops emails back into my inbox if I haven’t received a response, so I don’t need to keep a long follow-up list.”
— Mark Ramadan Cofounder, Sir Kensington’s,and Fast Company MCP

Florence and the MachinePhoto: Paul A. Hebert, Press Line Photos, Corbis

“The first day I joined Jukely, a concert-discovery service, my wife and I saw Florence and the Machine. It’s like my friend who knows about all the local shows and can get us in cheaply at the last minute.”
— Steven Rechtschaffner
VP of product experience, Jawbone

“F.lux is incredible. It’s a desktop app that emulates natural light. I turn it on before bed, and I fall asleep much faster now.”
— Sahil Lavingia
Founder and CEO, Gumroad

“I host dinner parties, and Kitchensurfing, an on-demand chef service, removes the hassle. It’s cheaper (and healthier) than going out, and the chefs stir me to expand my culinary horizons.”
— Anjali Sud
Head of global marketing, Vimeo


Books That Feed The Mind

1. The Three Marriages

By David White
“Beautiful and thought-provoking. It argues that we should stop thinking in terms of work-life balance. I haven’t marked so many pages in a long time.”
— Shane Parrish
Founder, Farnam Street Blog

2. The Creative Habit

By Twyla Tharp
“This book inspires new processes to get the most of my creativity. My wife read it to me for weeks, but I wanted my own copy.”
— Steven Rechtschaffner

3. The Flavor Bible

By Karen Page and Andrew Dornenburg
“When I’m lost with a dish, it gives me a starting point.”
— Amanda Cohen
Dirt Candy


4. Start With Why

By Simon Sinek
“It changed my outlook on the intersection of brands and people (note: I didn’t say products and consumers).”
— Scott Tannen
Founder and CEO, Boll & Branch


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