Your Creative Calendar: 91 Things To Do, See, And Hear This June

Wherever there’s a flock of velociraptors, you’ll be there. Whenever women bond in jail, you’ll bond too. Our entertainment picks for June.

Your Creative Calendar: 91 Things To Do, See, And Hear This June

It used to be that summer TV was a fallow garden of reruns and unwatchable eye-garbage, leaving movies to reign supreme over the season. Not anymore! Now, even with most network shows on creatively regenerative hiatus, there’s still roughly one billion other outlets carefully curating video content solid enough to compete with fall season primetime, or run right over it. While Netflix continues its Goliath-like foray into original programming, fellow digital platforms Hulu and Amazon are striving to catch up, and old standbys on network and cable are stepping their summertime game up too. Good thing the movies in June uniformly suck, otherwise we’d never get outside to enjoy true wind on our sun-reddened faces. Oh wait, those movies are awesome. Never mind. Prepare to get overwhelmed with Co.Create’s guide to all the daylight-stealing movies, books, and albums, etc., sure to leave so many kites un-flown this month.


Movies In Theaters

  • Entourage: The Movie, opens June 3rd. Will Vinnie Chase finally get his Oscar? Did Lloyd ever sue Ari? Does Turtle still smoke pot now that he lost a bunch of weight? Is that how he lost all that weight? Some of these questions, and more, will be answered when HBO’s Hollywood fantasy series stretches to feature length.
  • Insidious: Chapter 3, opens June 5th. Director James Wan may have fled the franchise he started in order to make Furious 7, but the haunted spirits saga remains in good hands with Wan’s Saw partner, Leigh Whannell.
  • Spy, opens June 5th. Paul Feig has scored major hits with his first two directorial efforts, Bridesmaids and The Heat, both featuring his apparent muse, Melissa McCarthy. Now Feig and McCarthy both return in this espionage romp, also written by Feig. Has it finally been long enough since Austin Powers and Johnny English that we can have a new goofy spy movie? Time will tell.
  • Love and Mercy, opens June 5th. John Cusack and Paul Dano portray Beach Boy and Charles Manson associate Brian Wilson at different points in the musician’s life, both of which are melodic yet unstable.
  • Jurassic World, opens June 12th. Chris Pratt guarded the galaxy last year, but does he also have what it takes to spare Earth from descending back into dinosaur times? For Earth’s sake, I sure hope so!
  • 11th Hour, opens June 12th. Previously titled I Am Here, this film finds Kim Basinger going to great lengths to get herself a baby.
  • Me and Earl and the Dying Girl, June 12th. In this Sundance success story, a high school filmmaker and a cancer-stricken classmate form an unlikely friendship. Nick Offerman is in it too, thus ticking the final box in Mid-2010s Indie Movie Bingo.
  • Inside Out, opens June 19th. The latest Pixar movie looks inward for inspiration, with an all-star comedy cast lead by Amy Poehler portraying conflicting emotions trying to work together in a young girl’s brain.
  • Dope, opens June 19th. It’s a tale as old as time: Boy meets girl, boy tries to get into college, boy ends up starting a Silk Road Lite-type situation when he gets in over his head in the drug game. This is what coming-of-age movies are like in this age.
  • The Overnight, opens June 19th. Two couples and their kids have a family playdate that gets increasingly less kid-friendly once the kids go to sleep.
  • Ted 2, opens June 26th. The foul-mouthed bear from the mind (and mouth) of Seth MacFarlane is back in a sequel that is somehow squeezes in points about civil rights between dick jokes.
  • Max, opens June 26th. Some soldiers come back from war and never feel the same and apparently that is also true of canine soldiers like the Afghanistan veteran at the center of Max.
Live From New York!Photo: courtesy of Live From New York!

Movies To Watch At Home

  • The Nightmare, June 5th. Room 237 director Rodney Ascher follows up that Shining conspiracy theory compilation with this documentary about the terrifying phenomenon of sleep paralysis.
  • Live From New York! , June 12th. The page-turning oral history of Saturday Night Live gets the big screen treatment, just in time for the 40th anniversary season, or at least the hiatus following it.
  • L.A. Slasher, June 12th. This satire of tabloid culture stars some people who are intimately familiar with it, including Mischa Barton and Andy Dick.
  • The Wolf Pack, June 12th. Think you’re obsessed with movies? This documentary focuses on the Angulo brothers of the Lower East Side, who grew up watching movies constantly and now attempt to make sense of the world by reenacting them.
  • Manglehorn, June 19th. Last year, David Gordon Green found the quiet restrained side of Nicolas Cage with Joe; maybe now he can work the same magic on Al Pacino with this tale of an aging locksmith looking for a late-life reinvention.
  • Balls Out, June 19th. SNL stars Kate McKinnon, Beck Bennett, and Jay Pharoah lead this goofy sports spoof that will hopefully not play like a 90-minute sketch.
  • Batkid Begins, June 26th. You cried that day in 2013 when the entire city of San Francisco went on adorable overdrive to make a young cancer patient’s bat-dreams come true, and now you will cry again at this documentary about what happened. Save some crying for the rest of us!
  • A Little Chaos, June 26th. More than just flowers bloom in King Louis XIV’s garden when two star-crossed landscape artists cross paths. (There’s super trashy garden sex also, presumably.)
  • What Happened, Miss Simone?, June 26th. Netflix’s documentary about the legendary Nina Simone uses never-before-heard recordings, rare archival footage and her most-loved songs to paint a full picture of the singer who has inspired so many (but mainly Lauryn Hill.)

Albums You Should Hear

  • Jamie XX – In Color, June 1st. As the xx’s star continues to recede, the band’s producer, who folded its name into his own moniker, keeps becoming more prominent. Following a full-length collaboration with Gil-Scott Heron a few years ago, Jamie XX is finally unveiling his debut solo release, which shows off all the different styles he’s worked in on various remixes over the years.
  • Major Lazer – Peace Is The Mission, out on June 1st. Diplo’s dub-heavy side project returns, following the premiere of its animated mascot’s new TV show on Fox this past April. This time, things get a bit more poppy.
  • Riff Raff – The Peach Panther/ The Purple Panther, out on June 1st. The Tommy Wiseau of rappers (Is he really any good? Who even knows?) drops two albums on the same day, neither of which will make any sense, regardless of how hard you bump them.
  • Florence and The Machine – How Big How Blue How Beautiful, out on June 2nd. The third album from the torch songstress and so is a break-up record that brings Florence Welch’s powerful pipes even further into focus.
  • Girlpool – Before The World Was Big, out on June 2nd. This drummer-less California punk duo makes a lot of noise on its debut album.
  • Jason Derulo – Everything is 4, out on June 2nd. What does a post-meme Jason Derulo album sound like? Will the autotuned singer be able to resist singing his own name? Let’s hope not.
  • Willie Nelson and Merle Haggard – Django and Jimmy, out on June 2nd. These two guys have forgotten more about folk and country and western music than any one person could ever hope to know. Hear the fruits of all that Southern-tinged expertise on this collaboration LP.
  • Muse – Drones, out on June 9th. How has it taken this long for Muse to release an album entitled Drones? Somehow, it doesn’t seem possible.
  • Of Monsters and Men – Beneath the Skin, out on June 9th. The latest set from the folky troubadours whose name sounds a lot more metal than the reality.
  • Giorgio Moroder – Déjà Vu, out on June 9th. Following a Daft Punk-assisted resurgence, the disco godfather is back with his first new material in 30 years. Let there be funk!
  • AraabMuzik – Dream World, out on June 16th. After further conquering of the festival circuit, the EDM artist and hip-hop producer is back with his first full-length since 2011.
  • Ed Helms – Ed Helms, out on June 16th. Ed Helms may be taking over for Chevy Chase by stepping into the Vacation franchise, but he apparently also wants to follow in Steve Martin’s footsteps with an album of banjo-heavy tunes.
  • Migos – Y.R.N.: The Album, out on June 16th. Is the music of Migos better than that of The Beatles? Hey, to each his own. Art is subjective. The heavily armed Atlanta trio plead their case again with this latest album.
  • Hudson Mohawke – Lantern, out on June 16th. The Kanye-endorsed Scottish electro producer, also one-half of TNGHT, follows up a string of EPs with this hotly anticipated album filled with his signature stylistic collage.
  • Desaparecidos – Payola, out on June 23rd. Bright Eyes frontman Conor Oberst brings back his side project for a new collection of deeply felt songs.
  • Failure – The Heart Is a Monitor, out on June 30th. Nearly 20 years after the band’s dissolution, the hard rock stylings of Failure are back in full force. WIll this reunion album be more Dinosaur Jr. than Soundgarden, though, remains to be heard.
  • Miguel – Wildheart, out on June 30th. The ethereal-voiced, Grammy-winning artist who couldn’t be bothered with a stage name follows up his much-adored Kaleidoscope Dream with even more adventurously produced R&B.
  • Bilal – In Another Life, out on June 30th. And speaking of adventurously produced R&B, D’Angelo compatriot Bilal is back with enough baby-making music to populate a small, hypothetical eighth continent.
Orange is the New Black Season 3 is on Netflix, June 12th

Things To Watch On Your TV (Or Your Computer)

  • UnReal, premiered June 1st on Lifetime. It’s a scripted series about unscripted series, if your mind can even handle the contradiction.
  • The Whispers, premiered June 1st on ABC. Based on a Ray Bradbury short story, this sci-fi series begins with children across Washington, D.C., all sharing the same imaginary friend named Drill. (No, not Twitter’s Dril.)
  • Hannibal, premieres June 4th on NBC. The cannibalistic origination resumes!
  • Life Story, premieres June 6th on Discovery. Introduced and narrated by David Attenborough, this is the new nature doc for those who have already worn out their Planet Earth discs into non-biodegradable nubbins.
  • 69th Annual Tony Awards, premieres June 7th on CBS. Who officially did Broadway the best this past year? It’s all sorted out tonight.
  • Sense8, premieres June 5th on Netflix. The Wachowskis make movies bursting with so many ideas, they seem to chafe against their runtime. Now the two have the breadth to execute their vision episodically with this globe-spanning sci-fi series.
  • Odd Mom Out, premieres June 8th on Bravo. An Upper East Side lady refuses to conform to what seems to be expected of her zip code and well-to-do in-laws in Bravo’s latest stab at scripted comedy.
  • Orange Is The New Black, premieres June 12th on Netflix. The character V really shook things up in OITNB’s sophomore season, and hopefully someone equally formidable will fill the void for Piper and co. to match wits with in season 3. (And would a little more Natasha Lyonne be too much to ask?)
  • Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell, premieres June 13th on BBC America. One of the landmark fantasy titles of this young century gets the miniseries treatment.
  • Catastrophe, premieres June 19th on Amazon. Reigning Twitter comedy king Rob Delaney teams with the talented Sharon Horgan for this cross-continental sitcom that has already aired on the UK’s Channel 4.
  • CollegeHumor’s Comedy Music Hall of Fame, premieres June 19th on IFC. Tenacious D, The Gregory Brothers, CDZA, Rachel Bloom, and more will be on hand at this shangri-la for Weird Al acolytes, hosted by Paul F. Tompkins.
  • Aqua Teen Hunger Force, premieres June 21st on Adult Swim. It’s the final season and then no more Meatwad forever.
  • Ballers, premieres June 21st on HBO. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Rob Corddry topline HBO’s new pro football show that focuses on NFL players when they’re not playing.
  • The Brink, premieres June 21st on HBO. Who knew that Tim Robbins’ cameo in Austin Powers as the President of the United States would eventually carry over to a TV series? Okay, he actually just plays Secretary of State in this satirical show about geopolitical crises, but still: close!
  • True Detective, premieres June 21st on HBO. After all that casting build-up, the second season of the series that launched the limited series explosion is here. Colin Farrell, Rachel McAdams, and noted guns ‘n freedom expert Vince Vaughn star this time around.
  • Another Period, premieres June 23rd on Comedy Central. Comedians Natasha Leggero and Riki Lindhome created and star in this spoof of Downton Abbey whose cast includes Co.Create favorites Thomas Lennon and David Wain.
  • Under the Dome, premieres June 25th on CBS. “Are we ever getting out from under this dome?” –actual line from Under the Dome, probably.
  • Scream, premieres June 30th on MTV. The franchise that ignited the late ’90s obsession with post-modern horror movies is now a TV show. I wouldn’t hold it much hope for any attractive, recognizable females who appear in the opening scene!
  • The Meltdown with Jonah and Kumail, premieres June 30th on Comedy Central. One of L.A.’s premier stand-up showcases became a TV show last year, and its second season promises even more sets from high-profile guests and hilarious hosting duties from Jonah Ray and Kumail Nanjiani.

Books To Read

  • Stephen King- Finders Keepers, out on June 2nd. Although he’s not ordinarily prone to sequels, King published a sequel to The Shining in 2013 and now he’s back with a follow-up to last year’s serial killer yarn, Mr. Mercedes.
  • Judy Blume- In the Unlikely Event, out on June 2nd. Your favorite author from childhood is now poised to become one of your favorite authors in adulthood, with this grown up novel that spans three generations of a family.
  • Jami Attenberg – St. Maizie, out on June 2nd. The incisive author of The Middlesteins blends fact and fiction in this Jazz Age-set novel about Mazie Phillips, the unsinkable New York do-gooder once profiled in Joseph Mitchell’s Up in the Old Hotel.
  • Aziz Ansari – Modern Romance, out on June 16th. You’ve heard Aziz Ansari talk about dating and relationships in all four of his stand-up specials; now read what he has to say about them after consulting a panel of assorted experts on the topic.
  • Elin Hilderbrand – The Rumor, out on June 16th.
  • Judd Apatow – Sick In The Head, out on June 16th. Before he became the most prominent voice in cinematic comedy over the last decade, a young Judd Apatow interviewed his comedy heroes passing through his hometown of Syosset, Long Island. Now, he’s combined those with more recent conversations for this dissection of what funny is and what it does.
  • Don Winslow – The Cartel, out on June 23rd. The hard-boiled author’s latest just may have something to do with drugs.
  • Milan Kundera – The Festival of Insignificance, out on June 23rd. The latest from the mystical author weirdly shares a title with what my parents call my job. How did you know, Kundera?
  • Candace Bushnell – Killing Monica, out on June 23rd. The woman who brought Sex and The City into existence seems to feel conflicted about that fact these days. Her latest appears to balance a bit of semi-autobiographical insight with a tale of literary reinvention.
NYC’s Pride Week begins June 23Photo: Flickr user istolethetv

Places To Go

  • NYC’s Pride Week begins June 23, aleading up to the parade on June 28. British actors Sir Derek Jacobi and Sir Ian McKellen are among the grand marshals.
  • Coney Island Mermaid Parade is the sexiest maritime-themed weirdo festival you will ever wear a codpiece to, and the fun begins June 20th.
  • Governors Ball Festival takes place on Governors Island in New York, June 5th – 7th, with headliners including Drake, Deadmau5, and Lana del Rey.
  • Belle and Sebastian put out their first album in years back in January and now you can see them on tour.
  • Before you die, let your grandchildren know that you did not miss the reunited Kids in the Hall tour.
  • Somehow, Fall Out Boy and Wiz Khalifa are co-headlining the, sigh, Boys of Zummer tour, and I would pay at least six thousand dollars to know what that backstage tension is like, if you are privy to that kind of information.
  • “Don’t be the next contestant on that Summer Jam screen,” Jay Z once cautioned all would-be opponents after handily dispatching with Nas and several others in “The Takeover,” a reference to his legendary performance at Hot 97 Summer Jam. Who will get what’s coming to them at this year’s annual hip-hop state of the union, on June 7th?
  • Weird Al Yankovic is the best and you can now catch him on tour, doing what he do.
  • Shoegaze standouts Ride have reunited and are currently on tour.
  • Politically informed punks Bad Religion are still going after all these years and likely coming to your town.
  • Zola Jesus is touring behind last year’s album, Taiga.
  • A must-attend for anyone who loves improv, the 17th annual Del Close Marathon is June 26-28 with 575 shows at venues including the UCB Chelsea, Magnet Theater and FIT Haft Auditorium.
  • The contemporary Italian film festival Open Roads: New Italian Cinema takes place at Lincoln Center June 4-11. The events includes the North American premiere of Ivano De Matteo’s The Dinner, which won a few awards at the Venice Film Festival.
  • NYC’s Museum Mile Festival is going to be held on June 9 this year. The nine museums on Fifth Avenue, including the Met, the Museum of the City of New York and the Guggenheim, will allow free admission from 6 to 9 p.m. There is also a huge block party all up and down Fifth.
  • Netflix is sponsoring a day-long event called OrangeCon in NYC at Skylight Clarkson SQ on June 11. There is will be panel discussions with the cast, a special screening of the new season, and bragging rights for superfans.
  • NYC Dance Week is June 18-27, and there will be free classes offered at places like the Mark Morris Dance Center and The Ailey Extension.
  • ATX Television Festival is June 4-7, featuring a few premieres (Sex, Drugs, and Rock & Roll, Complications, Power, From Dusk Till Dawn season 2, more), and a handful of reunions (Dawson’s Creek writer’s room, Gilmore Girls, Dream On).
  • Also in Austin — XGames are happening, with a music festival headlined by Nicki Minaj on Friday and Metallica on Saturday, ensuring basically nobody would want to go to both nights of music.
  • June 13th is the 6th annual Global Reddit Meetup Day. Bo be nerds together in person for a change.
  • Bonnaroo happens June 11th-14th. Its conversion from “music festival” to “general entertainment festival” continues apace, with the film festival (showing Trainwreck and Eden, plus the Evel Kneivel documentary for some reason) and a comedy stage headlined by Chris Hardwick and Reggie Watts. Plus, you know, Kendrick/Mumford/Billy Joel/Deadmau5/Robert Plant/Florence/etc.
  • Returning for its ninth year on Sunday, June 21, Make Music Day will celebrate music on a grand scale with thousands of free, outdoor concerts in twenty cities across the U.S. including New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston, Nashville, and several other cities.
World Sauntering Day, June 19thPhoto: Flickr user Murray Stevenson

Weird Holidays To Celebrate

  • Old Maids Day, June 4th. Find the person in your life who considers him or herself an old maid, and propose! Let’s be honest, you’re not getting any younger or more attractive.
  • World Sauntering Day, June 19th. Have you tried sauntering? It’s the Cadillac of room-exits.
  • National Hollerin’ Contest Day, June 20th. Find something to holler at and go to town, buddy!

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