Look Closely To See The Critical Moment As VW Tracks A Girl’s Life From Infant To Adult

When thinking of the most significant moments on the journey from childhood to becoming an adult, some common milestones often stand out.

A baby’s first steps and first words, learning to ride a bike, birthday parties and holiday fun are the type of thing most people recall.

This new spot from Volkswagen South Africa has taken 50 hours of home movie footage and distilled it into a 90-second film, tracking one young woman’s life from babyhood to graduation. However, buried in amongst the touchingly familiar childhood scenes is one special moment.

We won’t spoil it by revealing what it is–you’ll have to watch the film–but it turns out to be more significant than any other. “The moment that mattered most,” as the copy puts it.

The film, made by Ogilvy Cape Town and directed by Robin Goode via production house Deliverance Post is entitled “Moments” and demonstrates just what an important role technology plays in our everyday lives and maybe how much we take it for granted.

Okay, that’s a bit of a spoiler.LJ