5 Free Apps That Feel Like The Future Of Work

Get organized, find an instant office, manhandle your email, and more with these forward-thinking apps.


You don’t work like the rest of the world works. You’re always one step ahead –sharp, efficient, and never at your desk for more than a few minutes. Or at least you’d like to think so. And these apps–each with with a little bit of the future woven into their DNA–can help you get there.


1. Get Hyperorganized

Simple yet powerful, Trello (Android, iOS) organizes your projects into virtual whiteboards made up of card-based to-do lists. You can create a card as a task and assign it to someone on your team with easy sharing features or work on your own personal projects. You can invite others to comment on your cards, and use photos and videos to flesh out your ideas. Don’t let its straightforward interface fool you; there’s plenty under the hood here. It’s just far more intuitive than you’re used to.

2. Find an Office on Demand

Breather (Android, iOS) helps you forgo the expense of a fixed office, offering up “spaces” that can be rented out around the city for a half hour at a time. Meet with a client, respond to email while you’ve got some time between appointments, or just get off your feet for a bit. Spaces can be unlocked with your phone and sport Wi-Fi, power plugs, and charging docks. The service is currently available in New York, San Francisco, Montreal, and Ottawa, with additional cities on the way.

3. Fabricate a Form, Fast

Forget paper. If you need to whip up a form on the go, Canvas (Android, iOS) is the way to go. The app lets you cobble together custom forms–invoices, expense reports, checklists, work orders, and more–and sports additional features such as signature capturing and cloud synchronization. There are more than 5,000 prebuilt forms for you to finesse as you see fit.

4. Tag-Team Your Documents and Spreadsheets

Quip (Android, iOS) injects a human element into seemingly mundane productivity software. It’s a relatively fully-featured word processor and spreadsheet app that lets you and your cohorts work on things at the same time, tied together by a real-time chat system used to keep in touch alongside your documents. Files can be pulled in from popular cloud storage services and exported to Word, PDF, and Excel formats when they’re finished.

5. Unify All Your Inboxes

If you’re like most people, you’ve signed up for at least a handful of email services. CloudMagic (Android, iOS) does an impeccable job of tying many services together into one powerful, feature-filled app. It’ll handle your corporate mail with ease, along with Gmail, Yahoo, iCloud, and a host of others, and you can save messages to popular note-taking, list-making, and CRM services.