Incredible Aerial Photos Of Cruise Ships Look Like Alien Space Yachts

Cruises may not be in fashion, but Jeffrey Milstien’s rich shots make us want to at least wander their decks.


Cruise ships, while notable for their grandiose scale, are rarely appreciated for their design. But photographer Jeffrey Milstein revisits the aesthetics of these massive boats from another angle: above.


Milstein’s resulting aerial shots reveal fantastical layouts–complete with pools and putting greens–that look more like space ships or amoebas than they do photographs.

Caribbean Princess

It’s no surprise that Milstein’s images look nice–he shoots with a Phase One IQ180 camera, a device that’s usually used to shoot for fashion magazines and advertisements, and costs more than $40,000. The camera’s 80 megapixel, full frame sensor is capable of capturing incredible detail, with photos resolutions of 10,328 pixels by 7,760 pixels (by comparison, the highly touted iPhone 6 Plus camera shoots images that are 3,264 pixels by 2,448 pixels).

Milstein snaps his photos from a helicopter, using a heavy gyroscope to keep the image steady. The complexity of the hardware and the composition of the shot mean he only gets a few chances to take a good shot.

Disney Dream

Cruises may not our thing, but Milstien’s vibrant shots make us want to at least wander their decks. His photos will be shown later this summer at Benrubi Gallery in New York, starting on July 9, and Kopeikin Gallery in Los Angeles, starting on July 18.

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