Fruit Of The Loom Does Some Ridiculously Rigorous Product Testing For A New Shirt Ad

There is a crisis in men’s undershirts. According to Fruit of the Loom, 60% of underwear consumers report that their undershirt shirts just didn’t stay tucked, sometimes even creating the dreaded “spare tire effect,” which has made “becoming untucked” a major factor in purchase decision. Sounds a lot like The Wedgie Uprising of ’83 that eventually led to the popularization of boxer briefs.

To combat the challenge of the untucked, the brand says it has created an untuckable undershirt. And in a new ad, by agency Crispin Porter+Bogusky, it puts the new shirt through a rigorous regimen of product testing to prove it.

Karen Kendrick, VP of brand communications and creative services for Fruit of the Loom says everything the brand focuses much of its efforts on providing solutions for real, everyday underwear problems. “We heard straight from our male consumers that they were frustrated with shirts riding up, so we developed the new stay-tucked crew,” says Kendrick. “We partnered with Crispin Porter + Bogusky to demonstrate the stay-tuck benefit by putting it to the test in a humorous way. No one was injured during the filming of this commercial, but we laughed pretty hard on the set.”

Despite all the reaching and flexible moves, that undershirt does stay put. But the spot never reveals the secret. Is it just extra long? Attached to your gitch with velcro? Just a business version of a ladies’ bodysuit or the baby onesie? For now it remains a mystery.JB