Rip Your Own Heart Out By Watching This Organ Donation PSA

Part of the joy in dog ownership is the unconditional love and loyalty. You can be a jerk at work, piss off your friends, disappoint your family, but as soon as you open that door there’s someone wide-eyed, tail wagging, and happy to see you. You’re the greatest.

A new PSA for Argentina’s liver transplant foundation FATH (Fundación Argentina de Transplante Hepático) uses the attraction of canine companionship to raise awareness and promote becoming an organ donor. Directed by Rodrigo Garcia Saiz, the ad introduces us to an older gentleman and his dog (we suggest you watch before you read further).

The dog follows his master everywhere, two peas in a pod, you get the idea. Apparently it’s based on the Japanese legend of Hachikō, except this time when the old man passes away in the hospital, the pooch soon finds himself drawn to another patient.

The ad is more or less a remake of this older spot, but both ads depend on the idea that people would be happy to have a piece of someone else alive inside of them. Sure, the deceased may like to think of themselves as living on in some small way, but you’d excuse any new organ owner for getting creeped out at the notion that if it’s possible for a sweet little pooch to be waiting for them somewhere, so too is the opposite Body Bags horror flick situation. Still, cute dog!JB