Mad Men Isn’t Over Yet: Don And Company Take On Tinder, Snapchat, Apple Watch, And Drones

Quit crying into that Old Fashioned: Don Draper and the rest of the Sterling Cooper (Draper Pryce? & Partners?) clan just got updated for the digital era.

No, this isn’t a Mad Men: 2015 spin-off headlined by Sally Draper. Never about to let us shed more than a single tear, the Internet has given fans of the beloved series the perfect parting gift: this “Mad Men Integrated” Tumblr, which shows us our favorite Mad Men creatives stumped by Vine, hashtags, and drones.

Now you won’t be left to wonder how the advertising savants may have received the Apple Watch:

Or mull over which fast food chain would take up the mantle of lazy, boozy lunches:

Or ponder how they might cater to millennial eyeballs:

And here’s what Sally Draper would actually be up to: