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Put down your newspapers for a moment, we have a surprise!


In 1992, Michael Massing won the prestigious MacArthur “genius grant,” and then was flash-frozen in a tragic yet hilarious accident involving a liquid nitrogen canister, a whoopee cushion, and an escaped monkey. Twenty-three years later, he and his monkey sidekick “Scoop” have successfully been thawed, and, in the way that people woken from suspended animation often have a clearer view of the foibles of our society than we ourselves do, he has been the first to point out that literally no one, in all that time, has ever considered how the internet might be affecting journalism!



It seems so obvious when he points it out, but somehow we all missed it. The internet came along, virtually all journalism moved there, the business, tools, and distribution of journalism have been in constant upheaval for the last 20 years. But never once did anyone think, or write, or hold conference after conference after conference about these changes, in all that time! So Massing, with that rascally monkey of his, took a tour (via Google, I mean, not actually leaving his desk or calling anyone, don’t worry) around this strange new mediascape and reported back what he observed and/or what kind of faces the people in his office made when he mentioned the names of a few websites. The best is this is only part one of three, and in the last installment he will tell us all how to use the three seashells!

A study about changing political opinions, recently featured in This American Life, has been retracted because it was fraudulent, ironically re-confirming my belief that no one ever changes their mind.

I haven’t seen Mad Max: Fury Road yet, but I’ve been reading the reviews. Notable are: Alexandra Heller-Nicholas’s in Overland, Scott Wampler’s 70 year old mother in law’s take, Adi Robertson in The Verge, and Mallory and Shrill. And if you really want to go down the rabbit hole, check out David Futrelle reporting on the rage of the manly men of the manosphere. Delicious tears.


“It’s not insane to me, just normal and regular,” observes absolutely insane 5,500 word Craigslist ad about itself, incorrectly. Pete Wells would never mess with Texas. Nintendo hires Bowser. Sure, go ahead and hold up signs on the internet, that never goes badly. Delta’s new safety video will make you long for a crash. “Why are you writing a rape scene?” (No, srsly, why?) And finally: Bone Thugs-N-Cadbury.

When Karen applied for Tabs intern, she wrote that she lives in Yellowknife, but I wasn’t reading very carefully and I thought she said she was friends with Yelawolf. I just wanted to explain why there’s been so much about Canada and virtually nothing about cool hip-hop parties. That’s my b, y’all, sorry.


Sensitive people tend to be looked down upon. They’re told they can’t take jokes, get made fun of for crying all the time (even during good times or romantic movies) and are encouraged to toughen up and read fiction instead of thinking about their problems.

But there’s good news for extra sensitive people! It’s not your fault (it’s actually genetic!), it’s not just women and there are tons of people like you out there.

There’s more research (and media coverage) about people deemed Highly Sensitive Persons or HSPs. Researcher Dr. Elaine Aron estimates HSPs could represent up to 20 per cent of the population. There’s even an online quiz to determine if you’re one too.

I, for one, was both horrified and relieved to figure out I’m an HSP. But that’s because I was recently told (by a man, of course it was a man) that I worry too much, am dramatically affected by garbage sleep and hangry feelings, and so easily startled I have actually jumped or nearly fallen out of my chair on numerous occasions.

However, learning about HSP also explained why I’m able to empathize and connect with other people so easily as well as why my mood rises so quickly whenever I eat really good food, look at sunsets, or walk around a favourite art museum.

Be proud, fellow HSPs. In many cases, your extra sensitivity is a good thing. I know I am.

See, Yelawolf’s buddy wouldn’t have spelled it “favourite,” she’d have spelled it “mothafucka check this out.” Again, this is on me, I’ll read applications more carefully next time.

Today’s Toy: Winning at Solitaire

Today’s Song: A$AP Rocky’s new Enter the Void-inspired video “LSD


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