Colonel Sanders Is Back To Celebrate KFC’s 75th Anniversary

Colonel Harland David Sanders died in 1980. But now the founder of Kentucky Fried Chicken is back from beyond the grave to mark the brand’s 75th anniversary.

Darrell Hammond

KFC and agency Wieden + Kennedy Portland are launching a campaign across TV, online, and stores that celebrates both the anniversary and the return of the fast feeder’s founder. About that. No, he wasn’t thawed out after being frozen 35 years ago by the Pentaverate and stored at The Meadows. Nor is it the result of the same digital voodoo pulled on Orville Redenbacher back in ’07. It’s just SNL vet Darrell Hammond under that ‘stache and string tie, inhabiting the spirit of the iconic colonel, his juxtaposition against our modern age for laughs.

Online the brand has created a web paean to the Colonel, with a walk through Sanders’ eclectic life with a Hall of Colonels timeline. It also features an 8-bit style video game called Colonel Quest, in which you play the Colonel throughout his life. Help him escape sixth grade to quit school and work! Because who needs math to make chicken!?

Play it here

The campaign also includes an extensive packaging redesign and the company will continue to roll-out its new restaurant designs.JB