Today in Tabs: Cause Baby Now We Got Tab Blood

Several POTUS Are Typing:

Today in Tabs: Cause Baby Now We Got Tab Blood
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Nicki and Beyoncé released the “Feeling Myself” video on Tidal yesterday, leading to a panicked and increasingly desperate search throughout Manhattan’s newsrooms for someone with a Tidal login. Eventually most people made do with watching it in the form of gifs, which works pretty well, since the video is basically just a collection of gifs anyway. Go ahead and watch it on Tidal though if you have a login (I see u Jay).


Taylor Swift has been teasing her video for “Bad Blood” since 1989, and she finally released it yesterday. It’s fine, if you like things that are trying way too hard. The main takeaway from it is that even if you gut “Bad Blood” and replace most of it with Kendrick Lamar verses, it’s still not as good a song as “Feeling Myself.”

In the end, everyone pretended to eat hamburgers, Taylor pretended to know how much a hamburger costs, Miley Cyrus wrote a song for her dead fish, and Sony probably kept all the money, somehow.

Meanwhile, in dumb politics: Barack Obama pretended to tweet from the new pretend Twitter account Jason Goldman made him create to replace his old pretend Twitter account which everyone knows has long been a Barack-puppet run by his fundraising organization. Obama’s social media interns had a “cute” exchange with Bill Clinton’s social media interns that made everyone want to vomit.

Then John Kerry was like:

And Obama and Clinton jumped into the cool-Democrats Slack to backchannel about what a thirst-monster Kerry is, and then Biden made a :lurch: custom emoji and work was basically just wrecked for the rest of the day.

Today in Near-Future Headlines: L’Oreal partners with bioprinting company Organovo and artists Christo and Jeanne-Claude to wrap Rio de Janeiro’s iconic statue “Christ the Redeemer” in perfectly-contoured and blushed human skin. (Spoiler though: all of Christo’s art was already made of human skin.)


Ever wondered how hilarious it is when one of those invisible bike helmets goes off by accident? Wonder no more: it is very hilarious. It’s like, one second you’re a hip London immersive media and information designer and then suddenly: BARRISTER!

A video posted by Francesco D’Orazio (@abc3d_) on

Paul Ford on the “No To” Poem. Speaking of Paul Ford, here’s a full Clojure programming environment you can embed inside Excel, which is one of the Paul Fordiest things I’ve ever seen. My Garbage Cat Wakes Me Up At 3AM Every Day: The Video Game. “A million shouts & murmurs isn’t cool. You know what’s cool? A billion shouts & murmurs.” Parenting is devastating. Another “Meow the Jewels” preview. Meet Drew on Patreon in the next ten minutes if you want an ass-kicking. Imagen Man Man still on TV today?

Mass media has always reassured me that pretty much everyone else is also a white dude just like me, or an accessory/plot contrivance to same. But it turns out that is possibly not the case anymore? Tabs intern Karen Ho brings us the story:


Asians in movies and television are finally having a moment. In billion-dollar blockbuster franchises, playing major television characters and in roles that finally don’t involve being a passive advice-friend in the background, Asians are now more frequently a part of mainstream popular culture.

Some of that diversity is because of the almighty Chinese box-office. Some is because Asian actors are more vocal and selective about which parts they accept. With show runners like Shonda Rhimes at the helm of more major, prime-time projects, the process of casting has also changed.

Nicole Soojung Callahan at The Toast hit a nerve with her eight-point list about representation and the character Dr. Helen Cho in Avengers: Age of Ultron:

Nicole’s essay about why Dr. Cho truly is so different–including her transcending so many tired Asian cliches, the unicorn-like rarity of a Korean character being played by an actual Korean actress, and Dr. Cho getting more than an afterthought’s worth of screen time–aptly captures what so many Asian pop culture fans have long hungered for.

It’s not just Asian adults who are affected by this change. Nicole’s anecdote about her seven-year-old daughter also demonstrates just how early kids notice when there aren’t a lot of people who look like them in the media. Thankfully for them, the future of television and movies looks a lot less like Married with Children or Friends, and more like Melinda May and Dr. Ken.

The fact that I have nothing to add to this is, in my mind, full justification for the concept of the Tabs intern, so instead I’ll just put this tweet here:

Today’s Song: Did you know David Duchovny put out an album? No, not that one, Kevin. This one: “Hell or Highwater.” It’s fine, if you like things that aren’t quite trying hard enough.


~You know it used to be tab love~

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