Sticky fingers? KFC Turns Its Tray Liners Into Keyboards For Smartphones

Sadly, KFC’s “Finger Lickin’ Good” promise isn’t an ideal solution to smartphone users. Who wants to touch their screens with digits full of sticky, salty food?

Thankfully, KFC heard consumers’ plight and designed a system that lets customers have their bucket of chicken and eat it too.

Working with agency Serviceplan in Germany, the brand rolled out the “Tray Typer,” a super thin Bluetooth keyboard that doubles as a tray liner. It connects with a phone wirelessly, is durable enough that it can be reused (though according to the case video, each one was taken home when the liners were given away to mark the launch of new KFC restaurants) and can even be recharged.

It’s the latest teched-forward ploy from KFC’s parent company Yum! Brands. Last year, in Japan, KFC unveiled a USB stick and mouse in the shape of a drumstick, and a keyboard that replaced the letters with images of fried chicken as part of a contest giveaway. Fellow Yum! brand Pizza Hut demoed a touch-screen table that let patrons design their pies without having to leave their seats, while in the U.K., it rolled out a “mind reading” technology–or rather a video sensor that tracked a patron’s eye movement across a screen of ingredients to determine where they lingered most to suggest a pizza topping for those who couldn’t decide what they wanted.