Watch NYC Subways Blow Marilyn Monroe’s Skirt In Real-Time Digital Ads For New Lifetime Series

Last year, Swedish drug store brand Apotek, agency Perfect Fools and production company Stopp played a very cool digital poster ad trick to promote hair care products. In subway stations, they installed digital posters of a woman with long hair featured an ultrasonic sensor. When trains pulled in to the station, the woman’s hair would blow all around.

Now, Lifetime claims it’s the first U.S. marketer to pull off the same trick, this time to promote its new miniseries The Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe. In subways stations around New York City, the brand used a similar audio-sensory tech in digital posters featuring star Kelli Garner as Marilyn. When a train pulls into the station, Garner’s red dress blows wildly a la The Seven Year Itch.

Photo: Kevin Lynch, Stuart Pettican, Courtesy of A&E Networks

The Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe premieres on May 30th.JB