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Dude Chases A Girl (And A Healthier Lifestyle) In This New Fitbit Ad

Fresh off its IPO, the fitness tech brand launches a new campaign.

Dude Chases A Girl (And A Healthier Lifestyle) In This New Fitbit Ad

On May 7, wearable fitness tracking device brand Fitbit filed for an initial public offering and has now launched its new brand campaign with a healthy, light-hearted rom-com of an ad.

“The campaign plays off the duality of knowing your heart emotionally and physically in a cheeky and relatable, story–driven way that resonates with our brand,” says Fitbit’s vice-president of global marketing Tim Rosa. “We wanted it to be relatable and charming, while showing that getting fit and healthy is attainable if one sets his/her heart to it.”

A few months ago, it was comedian Joel McHale showing us all the various types of fit we could be. The latest ad, created by agency Argonaut and directed by Frédéric Planchon, follows a guy who sees a pretty woman run by his front stoop and tries to keep up. He can’t. But then he throws a Fitbit Charge HR with PurePulse Technology and a healthy workout montage set to “100 Days, 100 Nights” by Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings into the mix, and not only is he in better shape, he’s ready to try and keep up with the woman again. It’s the old, boy meets girl, boy runs after girl, boy begins workout regimen and tracks it on his wrist to catch up to girl, story.

It’s either be a nice sweet story these two will toast at their 25th wedding anniversary, or one the woman will tell to friends about that time a creepy stalker chased her through the streets of San Francisco. Either way, they’re both getting the most out of their Fitbit.

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