A Dairy Farmer’s Unlikely Hidden Talents Are Revealed In An Eye-Opening Beer Spot

You just never know what people get up to in their spare time.

Stepping into the spotlight in a new spot from British beer brand John Smith’s is dairy farmer Keith Beasley. He is seen introducing himself on his muddy farm, surrounded by livestock. “I suppose some see me as a maverick, a trail blazer of sorts,” he says in a documentary-style voiceover.

Then–spoiler alert–we cut to a gymnastics venue and find the rather rotund Keith, clad in professional-looking kit armed with a red silken ribbon. Oh, and he is also joined by a cow. The pair performs a creative, rhythmic gymnastic dance routine of singular beauty in front of breathless friends and onlookers.

“Do I have a stage name?” the voiceover asks. “No, I’m just Keith Beasley,” it adds bringing the spot neatly to the strapline “Only Ordinary By Name” with the John Smith’s logo.

The film was made by Adam&Eve/DDB and directed by Nick Gordon via production company Somesuch and is the first in what is likely to become a series.

John Smith’s has never been a hugely prolific advertiser and occasionally has long periods of inactivity but when the Heineken-owned brand does take to the air, it often produces memorable work.

Between 2002 and 2005, when John Smith’s advertising was handled by TBWA, campaigns were fronted by U.K. comedian Peter Kay and carried the positioning “No Nonsense”. They were highly successful and Kay returned in 2010 for a one-off spot.

This new campaign and “Only Ordinary By Name” strategy is the first work Adam&Eve/DDB has produced for the brand since being handed creative duties in March last year. The agency already handles other Heineken-owned brands Foster’s lager and Bulmers Cider.LJ