Pizza-Ordering Emoji, Synthetic Humans: The Top 5 Ads Of The Week

Hog riding with Clash of Clans, saving animals with WWF emoji, and an interactive Mad Men archive deep dive.

Pizza-Ordering Emoji, Synthetic Humans: The Top 5 Ads Of The Week

On May 20th, Domino’s will start exploding pizza lover’s minds by officially adding tweet-to-order to its already robust Anyware digital ordering strategy. Customers who add their Twitter handle to their Domino’s Pizza Profile will be able to order their customized Easy Order by tweeting #EasyOrder or the almighty pizza emoji to @Dominos.


As if that’s not life-changing enough, to promote it the brand went full pizza emoji on Twitter this week–nothing but pizza emoji. Oh so much pizza emoji. Users tried to crack the code, writing their own pizza tweets, to which Domino’s responded with the good news of the impending order tool. Even JCPenney got excited enough to tweet some pizza at the brand. Heart, thumbs up, sunglasses smiley face, joyful crying face, okay hand, 100, pray hands.

Read more about the pizza tweetfest and the rest of our picks for this week’s best in brand creativity.

Channel 4 “Persona Synthetics”

What: A fake commercial for fake humans, or “synths,” ran during regular programming on the UK channel, as a delightfully subversive ad for the new series Humans.
Who: Channel 4, 4Creative
Why We Care: The stunt attracted a slew of earned media simply based on the Twitter chatter it generated among curious TV viewers wondering if it was real or not. It’s the perfect use of a traditional medium–the TV ad–to create advertising that will still spread across social and digital eyeballs like wildfire thanks to its commitment to being so creepily convincing.


World Wildlife Fund “#EndangeredEmoji”

What: An emoji-based Twitter fundraising campaign using a roster of 17 animal emoji, including a bluefin tuna, spider monkey, Galapagos penguin, and more. Every time someone uses one of the emoji, the campaign will donate 0.10 euros (about 11 cents) to help endangered animals.
Who: World Wildlife Fund, Wieden + Kennedy London
Why We Care: Look, emoji are so good for so many things, whether talking about love, excitement, science, or constipation. But this campaign takes our newest language and uniquely adapts it for a good cause.

Lionsgate “The Mad Men Experience”

What: A richly detailed interactive archive experience to celebrate the end of Mad Men‘s eight-year run on May 17th.
Who: Lionsgate, Google Play, Stinkdigital
Why We Care: It’s going to be really tough to quit people like Don Draper, Peggy Olson, Roger Sterling, Pete Campbell and the rest of the gang cold turkey. Not only is this an impressive stroll down Sterling Cooper, Draper Pryce memory lane, it’s also a slick sales pitch for episodes and complete seasons of the show, featured books, and soundtrack music.

Clash of Clans “Ride of the Hog Riders”

What: The latest adorably explosive ad for the insanely popular mobile game.
Who: Supercell, Barton F. Graf 9000
Why We Care: It’s a hark back to a certain other battle cry, except this time there’s the added bonus of a fantastic falsetto call to arms, “Hog ridaaaaaaaahz!”


Domino’s “Tweet-to-Order”

What: To help tease the announcement of its upcoming new tweet-to-order system, the brand let its pizza emoji do the Twitter talking for an entire day.
Who: Domino’s, Crispin Porter+Bogusky
Why We Care: Again with the emoji, but you have to admit, when all you see are pizza emoji all day long you start to get more than a little bit curious as to what the heck it’s all about. Not to mention a sudden hankering for a slice.


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