There’s Too Much Empty Space When Men Are Photoshopped Out Of Music Festival Lineups

Posters for the Reading and Glastonbury festivals from 20 years ago are rife with artists like Hole, Bjork, Throwing Muses, Juliana Hatfield, Smashing Pumpkins, Elastica, Blonde Redhead, and Stereolab, who all have one thing in common: making you feel almost obscenely old. Also, they’re all either lead by, or, at least, contain women. With the help of some GIFs made by Pixable, though, which blot out all-male bands from the posters, it’s clear that today’s musical festival landscape suffers from acute Too Many Dicks syndrome.

Okay, Skate and Surf Festival 2015 happens to be the most egregious offender of the bunch, but other contenders scarcely fare much better. Of the 166 acts featured at Coachella, the monster multi-weekend festival in California, only 26 had anybody identifying as a woman on hand. Wherefore art thou, Lilith Fair!

Have a look at Pixable’s man-free GIFs in the slides above, and then write President Obama a letter demanding to see St. Vincent at every music festival that ever happens.