Bill Nye Drops Science, Justin Timberlake Plays A Lime: The Top 5 Ads Of The Week

Dogs bring out the best in us for Pedigree, Coop’s organic food experiment, Mini rescues stranded drivers.

Bill Nye Drops Science, Justin Timberlake Plays A Lime: The Top 5 Ads Of The Week

A celebrity shilling for a high-end booze brand is not a new phenomenon. But premium tequila is having a bit of a moment right now–sales in the U.S. have doubled in the last decade–with George Clooney and Diddy both lending their names and fame to brands.


Justin Timberlake teamed with Beam Suntory, parent of Sauza tequila, to launch his own brand Sauza 901, and the artist’s goal is to add some fun to the high end. Right now that includes dressing up as a giant Man Lime in a funny campaign written by veteran SNL writer Paula Pell, that harks back to his own classic SNL appearances.

“He’s not just the face of the brand but has been involved in everything from creative to liquid development, activations, bottle design, everything,” George told Co.Create earlier this week.

Read more about Man Lime Timberlake and the rest of our picks for this week’s best in brand creativity.


Coop “The Organic Effect”

What: The Swedish grocery chain asked a family to eat only organic for two weeks to see the difference in pesticide levels in their bodies.
Who: Coop, Forsman & Bodenfors
Why We Care: While plenty of people might question the methods, actual effects of the pesticides, but as a piece of marketing, the results make a simple and dramatic point about the difference between organic and non-organic.

Pedigree “First Days Out”

What: The brand illustrates the good dogs brings out in people by telling the story of two ex-cons who each adopt dogs soon after getting out of prison.
Who: Pedigree, AlmapBBDO
Why We Care: It’s a heartwarming, but not over-the-top tearjerking, profile of two canine companions and how they significantly impact the lives of their human companions in such a short time.

Mini Cooper “We Tow You Drive”


What: The carmaker brilliantly teams up with a tow service to conveniently show up to give stranded motorists a free ride (that just so happens to be a test drive).
Who: Mini Cooper, Kinetic Singapore
Why We Care: A fun twist on the old school competition call-out ad and a sneaky way to get potential consumers behind the wheel.

Sauza 901 “No Limes Needed”

What: Timberlake is a man lime named Rick “Sour” Vane, lamenting the lack of limes needed when drinking 901.
Who: Beam Suntory
Why We Care: Sure, it’s a cool example of a celebrity brand ambassador putting some (green) skin in the game, but it’s also pretty damn funny.

General Electric “Emoji Science”

What: The brand expands its emoji science program with an interactive version of the Table of Experiments, as well as a new five-part Bill Nye web series, and developing an emoji science curriculum for students developed with the National Science Foundation.
Who: GE, Bill Nye
Why We Care: Yet another example of GE’s wide variety of fun, interesting and innovative content ideas. Plus, c’mon, Bill Nye!


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