Sausage Forges Family Bonds In These Goofy New Johnsonville Ads

Homer Simpson once said, “You don’t win friends with salad.” In a new campaign for Johnsonville by agency Droga5, you can do better than just make friends. With sausage, you can make family. Really weird family.

In this new series of spots, we see families eating Johnsonville’s meat treats in pasta, at breakfast and more. Of course, sometimes these families are bound together by a common blood and ancestry, other times it’s a mob boss neighbor or grandma impersonator looking to become part of the extended sausage family.

The brand has long pitched its brats as the best for any grill, but when Johnsonville signed on with Droga5 in December, the goal was to expand the brand’s reach beyond the BBQ. Droga5 group creative director Scott Bell says that challenge is what helped the team land on the family theme. “Johnsonville owns grilling, and that’s great, but they also have a lot more to offer–or at least a lot more sausage to offer,” says Bell. “It doesn’t matter if you’re sharing brats at a tailgate or sharing a meal at Sunday night dinner, that act of sharing sausage forges a bond. A bond we refer to as sausage family.”

According to Bell, the biggest creative challenge was landing on a campaign that could talk to guys about grilling and mom’s about cooking all while feeling like the same unified campaign. “They’re really different targets but the truth is they both buy a lot of sausage,” says Bell. “So we felt it was crucial to find a single campaign platform that let us talk to both equally well.”

Solution? Goofball comedy and laughably obvious product talk. And sausage.JB