See Hours Of High-End Photoshop Retouching In These Short Time-Lapse Videos

Photoshop celebrated its 25th anniversary recently with a video showing off its positive contributions to the world, such as hobbit-effects. The reason we need to be reminded of the technology’s airbrushing benefits is because Photoshop is also frequently used to create impossible standards of beauty–specifically in women. A new series of video has just showed up online to provide an in-depth look at what goes ion in the upper echelon of imperfection-elimination.

Elizabeth Moss (nope, not that Elisabeth Moss) is a professional retouch wizard who has worked with magazines like Vogue and Vanity Fair, and she recently created a behind-the-scenes video showing off what goes into the craft at her level. Over the course of three time-lapse videos, made with her studio RARE Digital Art, Moss distills hours and hours of meticulous detail work down to a matter of minutes. Some of the differences are subtler than what we’ve seen before.

By now, everybody knows what Photoshop can do, and some of the greatest hits are still on display here. Fingers and lips are slenderized. Cheeks are flattened. Blotches are wiped from the face of existence. However, while some Photoshop simply renders facial texture into a ripple-less pond of skin-colored nothingness, here you can actually see Moss adding pore definition. The model’s face may still make you hate your own, but the technique on display is eye-opening. Similar to the way Moss digitally expands the pupils in the eyes of these models.