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Pepsi’s New Global Campaign Features A Game Of Drone Football

After watching “Drone Football” your ordinary soccer game will feel as boring as golf.

Pepsi’s New Global Campaign Features A Game Of Drone Football

Imagine that you’d gone out for an ordinary game of pickup soccer when, suddenly, a drone descends from the sky and flashing lights burst like fireworks around the field. No, it’s not the alien invasion but the launch Pepsi Max’s first-ever global campaign. Called “Genius,” it’s meant to turn everyday activities into surprising, adrenaline-fueled adventures.

In this case, a group of friends are thrust into the middle of a live-action video game–“Drone Football”–in which a flying robot delivers the soccer ball, referees the match, and even dispenses yellow cards. Thirty-thousand reactive LED lights create the illusion of field lines and goalposts, as well as a massive scoreboard and applauding fans, projected onto surrounding buildings. It’s an interactive sensory explosion with multiple surprises unfolding as the match continues. And, if you believe the brand, agency AMV BBDO produced it in real-time; both players and observers were taken wholly by surprise. “Drone Football” re-imagines’s the Pepsi Max tagline “Maximum Game. No Sugar” to be “Maximum Game. No Daylight.” We can surely expect a series of other “no” tags as the campaign unfolds. “No Robots” are clearly ruled out. But “No pants” might be exciting.

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