Get A Piece Of Britney Spears With Her New Mobile Game

Talk about keeping up with the Kardashians…

Get A Piece Of Britney Spears With Her New Mobile Game
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Britney Spears may have taken a tumble last night during her show in Las Vegas, but this news is bound to be one hell of a pick-me-up: The pop queen will be getting her very own mobile game, following in the footsteps of the Kardashian clan and Katy Perry.


Spears has inked a five-year deal with Glu Mobile, the makers of Kim Kardashian: Hollywood and the team behind the upcoming games for Katy Perry and Kim Kardashian’s half-sisters Kendall and Kylie Jenner. The game will launch next year and, according to a Glu press release, will feature “the voice, likeness, and creative influence of Ms. Spears,” allowing “players to interact with Britney and experience the glitz and glamour of the entertainment business.”

Kim Kardashian: Hollywood has been a runaway success, drawing in something like $100 million in revenue since its debut on iOS and Android last June. In her recent cover story with AdWeek, Kardashian credited the game’s success to its attention to detail and mirroring of her day-to-day life. In a happy coincidence, the game added an update that allowed players to vacation in Mexico just as Kardashian herself was sojourning in Mexico:

“Once I started posting pictures through Instagram that I was in Mexico, everyone was playing along [and saying], “I just updated my game, and I’m in Mexico with you.” They would literally get a bikini like the one I had Instagrammed in a photo.”

Another selling point of the game, as Glu Mobile CEO Niccolo De Masi told Co.Create last year, taps into what might be Kardashian’s greatest skill: keeping fans abreast of every happening in her life. “What makes it compelling is that her fans can interact with her world five or six times a day,” says De Masi. “They don’t have to wait until the show is on TV, they can experience Kim’s world whenever they want.”

Spears no doubt wants to piggyback on Kardashian’s success–particularly the rumored 45% cut she’s getting of the game’s profits. Here’s hoping the Britney Spears iteration channels the snake-brandishing, Madonna-smooching diva of yesteryear.

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