The Recommender: Miriam Taylor, Who Is Basically The Southern Kristi Yamaguchi

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The Recommender: Miriam Taylor, Who Is Basically The Southern Kristi Yamaguchi
[Photo: Flickr user Queen Yuna]
Miriam TaylorPhoto: Celine Grouard for Fast Company

Name: Miriam Taylor
Role at Fast Company: Production associate. I assist in making sure our print issue gets out on time and that everything is shipshape. I work with the art department to make sure they have the assets they need from edit and vice versa. I also manage our iPad issue and occasionally design a little and write a little (look for my first interview on the awesome Dexter and Byron Peart to be published in our June issue!).
Twitter: @Miriam_Taylor (Please note: I’m a notoriously bad tweeter, I think my last one was posted in February? Possibly November?)
Titillating Fact: I’m convinced I could have been the Southern Kristi Yamaguchi if only the ice skating rink where I took lessons as a child (the only rink in the state of Mississippi) hadn’t lost all of its instructors and shut down two years after I started lessons. Who would’ve guessed that people who love dancing on ice wouldn’t exactly enjoy a state that has 100-degree summers and snow once every 10 years? All I can say is at least I got some killer outfits from my stint as a skater; green leopard print tutus will totally have a comeback someday.


Things she loves:

1. Karen Russell’s Vampire in the Lemon Groves: I’m a huge Karen Russell fan and practically slept with Swamplandia under my pillow for a year, but for whatever reason it took me until now to get around to reading her second book of short stories (her first, St. Lucy’s Home for Girls Raised By Wolves, is also fantastic). If you’re looking for kooky, sometimes dark, but always beautiful stories about everything from girls who transform into silkworms to army vets whose tattoos come alive, Russell’s your woman. I think she’s the best magic-realism author alive today and can totally hold her own against the late and also greats like Gabriel Garcia Marquez and Lewis Nordan.

MixCraft’s Guilt-free Cocktails – Because we never use artificial flavors, colors or preservatives.

2. MixCraft: MixCraft’s mission is to promote healthy, guilt-free drinking (something I can totally get behind). After vainly searching for a cocktail mix that didn’t taste like sugarcoated Jolly Ranchers, the team at MixCraft decided to make their own from fresh organic produce. It was such a hit with their friends they turned it into a business. You can get your own cold-pressed cocktail mixes from their site and perhaps even kiss hangovers goodbye.

3. The Kinspiracy: I’m always one to jump on board with people who can poke fun at themselves and the Tumblr The Kinspiracy does just that. To themselves. To me. To pretty much everyone I’m friends with. It collects Instagram feeds with similar photos and compiles them on their site—think Kinfolk Magazine next to a heart-shaped latte, Warby Parker glasses next to an open Apple laptop, ice cream cones, old-timey VW vans, your feet in the sand, your feet in the leaves, your feet in Williamsburg, your feet in… pretty much anything. I’ve totally fallen victim to double-tapping all the “artsy” Instagram posts in my feed (and posting plenty of my own) so I really enjoy when someone can zoom me out of my Madewell-blinder-wearing world and remind me that I’m not actually that unique. And it’s okay.