Coca-Cola Makes Its Logo Into A Fist Bump For New, Friendship-Focused Campaign

Being a teenager these days must be tough. Sure, the Internet and social media gives you unfettered access to your friends, music, culture and more that previous generations could only dream of. But with all that newfound freedom comes the inevitable amplification of all the ugliness of adolescence–bullying, self-image issues, photos of you doing something you’d rather forget.

For its newest marketing push in Latin America, Coca-Cola and agency Pereira O’Dell have created a campaign dubbed #TrueFriendship that aims to highlight what being a good friend means and how important it is to be happy. The brand is taking that theme across web films, an series of short docs with MTV, TV ads, merchandising, and even the logo on its products.

Coke’s familiar wavy ribbon is becoming that universal symbol of friendship, the fist bump, on packaging (the brand had previously anthropomorphized its logo with a Chinese campaign that reinterpreted the wave as hands passing a Coke). It’ll also adorn cell phone cases, an ear bud splitter to share music, as well as a device that allows you to share your mobile phone battery if a friend is running low.

The three web films (two have been released so far) focus on empathy and when true friends really show their colors, through stories about gossip, secrets and isolation caused by bullying and other forms of social cruelty.

For TV, the brand sticks with the awkward teenage moments theme, but in a more lighthearted way that also introduces One Direction’s “Clouds” as the overall campaign’s soundtrack. The band, who’ve previously pitched for Pepsi, will also feature in brand print ads and Vines.

The campaign will also feature Vines, print and a choose-your-own-adventure style interactive video staring some world soccer stars like Real Madrid’s Javier Hernández, and Raúl Jimenez of Atletico Madrid.