Yahoo Goes After #Millennials With 18 New TV Shows

The company is getting into original programming in a big way.

Yahoo Goes After #Millennials With 18 New TV Shows
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Millennials: How do they work? Brands everywhere are dying to capitalize on this lucrative demographic. And Yahoo is about to give them 18 new opportunities to try.


Yahoo is slated to launch 18 TV shows, including a reality show starring Simon Cowell and news programming anchored by Katie Couric, according to AdAge.

“This lineup is really appealing, we think, to the millennials,” Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer told AdAge. “And of course that’s what a lot of the media buyers are looking for… These are all items that are really focused on that demographic, and we know that’s a really attractive demographic to advertisers that can do a really solid job of making us that must-buy.”

Writes AdAge:

Yahoo’s lineup falls under three categories: original scripted shows, series from its digital magazines, and live programs.

After announcing its first two long-form, scripted series at last year’s NewFronts and acquiring “Community” from NBC soon after, this year Yahoo is only announcing one new long-form series, a comedy called “The Pursuit” that aims to be “Friends” updated for the digital age.

…Yahoo is making a new type of investment in its 13 so-called “digital magazines” like Yahoo Food and Yahoo Style. Of the 18 new series Yahoo announced on Monday, 14 will run on these digital magazines, including separate programs starring supermodel Naomi Campbell and “Furious 7” star Michelle Rodriguez. That’s part of Yahoo’s strategy this year to turn these properties into their own video networks, though Ms. Mayer said they’ll still be referred to as digital magazines.

Original programming is a new frontier for Yahoo, which, under Google-veteran Mayer’s lead, is going up against the likes of Netflix, Amazon, and, to a lesser extent, Hulu and YouTube. Meanwhile, HBO, the reigning king of “original programming” officially made the leap to an Internet-only audience earlier this month with the launch of the HBO Now app–although my friend’s HBO GO log-in is still working just fine.

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