Let This Dog That Earns $15K A Month Teach You How To Dress Like A Boss

Menswear Dog, the Shiba Inu that rakes in cash modeling men’s clothes, reveals his style secrets in a new book.


New York-based Shiba Inu Bodhi, known to his hundreds of thousands of followers as Menswear Dog, is the Internet’s most stylish canine celebrity. He has his own capsule collection for Menswear Daily and has modeled for the likes of Coach, American Apparel, Brooks Brothers, and Salvatore Ferragamo. All this amounts to a full-time job that makes his owners, designers David Fung and Yena Kim, more than $15,000 a month.


Now, we humans have another reason to feel professionally inferior to this dapper Sheeb: He has a new book out, called Menswear Dog Presents the New Classics: Fresh Looks for the Modern Man, a guide to dressing well for each season. What started as a Tumblr parodying self-serious fashion blogs has turned into an quirky guide to building looks from a curated wardrobe of essential pieces instead of wasting money on tons of different outfits.

Bodhi’s “Menswear Dogma” lays out his 10 commandments for fashion. Here, five tips on building and styling your wardrobe from the dog himself.

“Fit trumps price every time.”

Fit and fabric are the first things you should consider when shopping, Kim and Fung write. “Across the board, the most common mistake guys make is buying the wrong size,” Kim writes in the book. “It doesn’t matter how much you spend if the fit isn’t right.” Finding a good tailor is another one of Bodhi’s commandments.

“It’s okay to copy your fashion idols.”

Menswear Dog shamelessly mimics his style icons, including Ryan Gosling in Drive; Ernest Hemingway, and/or Ron Swanson (a flannel shirt/fisherman’s sweater/dark denim jeans look he calls “The Outdoorsman,” also known as lumbersexual); and John F. Kennedy (the “Ivy Leaguer”). For inspiration, Kim and Fung also look to the street styles of their fellow Manhattanites, or, if they’re feeling lazy, to Tumblr.


“When in doubt, keep it simple.”

Menswear Dog advocates for investing in well-made basics and calls the white dress shirt the “Swiss Army knife of the gentleman’s wardrobe”–it can be worn under any suit, or paired with jeans without a jacket.

“Classics are timeless for a reason.”

A Breton striped shirt, a seersucker suit, a leather motorcycle jacket, or a navy blazer all have proven staying power–pieces Menswear Dog chooses to stick with instead of obsessively following fickle trends.

“Invest now; save later.”

A well-made peacoat or bomber jacket lasts way longer than a crappy one, so spending a little more on staples like these ultimately pays off.

Menswear Dog Presents The New Classics: Fresh Looks for the Modern Man is available from Artisan Books for $12 here.

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