McDonald’s Partners With Colette In Paris For Limited Edition Fashion Collection

Apparently, there’s something about a Big Mac and fries that makes some Europeans say, “I’d wear that.”

First it was Sweden, where McDonald’s opened a pop-up online shop selling its wares printed on everything from pajamas to pet sweaters. Now, the Golden Arches is going a step further in Paris, with a limited edition partnership with hip retailer Colette.

Throughout May, the Parisian fashion and lifestyle store will carry six products featuring art from McDonald’s latest poster campaign, including T-shirts, tote bags, scarves, iPhone cases, notebooks, and postcards.

The poster campaign, created by agency TBWA/Paris, is an extension of a similar effort last year, with posters of the fast feeder’s greatest hits illustrated with emoticons.

Maybe Ronald McDonald can wear one those tees with his hip new cargo pants and vest.JB