President Obama Finally Used Key & Peele’s Obama Anger Translator At Correspondents’ Dinner

President Obama was finishing his remarks at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner on Saturday night when the topic shifted to ongoing tensions between himself and the press. In order to adequately convey just how this dynamic makes him feel, the Chief Executive of the United States brought out someone who has long been airing Obama’s grievances for him in a fictional setting: Luther, the presidential anger translator from Key and Peele.

Judging by reactions from the audience, many people in attendance aren’t familiar with the show, but they seem to get the bit just the same. Ordinarily, Keegan-Michael Key’s Luther says the things left barely even hinted by Jordan Peele’s impeccable Obama impression–the things that a lot of ardent Obama supporters wish he would actually say and suspect he is secretly thinking. Several of Key and Peele’s Luther sketches have portrayed Obama’s interlocutor defending the president against barbed criticism from the press, so this particular event was a fitting setting for the real president to trot the character out on a global stage.

Over the course of a 5-minute speech, Luther zings Fox News, CNN, and the inherent inessentiality of the night itself. When it comes to the issue of climate change, though, Obama becomes so impassioned that he no longer needs an anger translator. As Luther suggests, in fact, he might need counseling instead. (No way that moment won’t be seized on by certain elements of the press intending to prove a point.)

If Key and Peele felt honored when they reportedly met Obama years ago, imagine how they feel after participating in a, uh, whatever this was at the White House. (They feel pretty good about it.)