The Apple Watch Will Have A Taco Emoji, Courtesy Of American Greetings

The lack of a proper taco emoji remains befuddling. You can text somebody a flan, or two different meats on sticks, but this staple of both a Mexican and American diet continues to get short-shrift in Emojiville. When someone texts you to ask what you want for dinner, if the answer is “tacos”–and let’s be real, it usually is–you’re forced to type the word with text, instead of being able to elegantly depict your craving with a simple image.

The JustWink app from American Greetings aims to provide a reasonable alternative to the lack of a proper taco emoji, though–at least if you’re an Apple Watch early adopter. The app allows users to send one another animated (usually winking) images. American Greetings and agency partner Mullen created some appropriately big fanfare around the little taco, setting up a taco truck at Apple stores around New York offering free actual tacos, and chances at $400 Apple gift cards, to early Apple Watch buyers (the watch-less can download the free justWink mobile app, which comes with a taco greeting card).

Of course, JustWink isn’t the first company to bring a bootleg taco emoji to Apple devices–though theirs should be the first to make it to the watch. Austin, Texas-based XOXCO (where they know from tacos) created the Taco Text app in late 2014, a simple messaging app that was basically Yo for tacos. All of this will do, at any rate, until Apple finally delivers the taco emoji of so many people’s dreams.