Our Wrist-Borne Utopian Future Arrives In These New Apple Watch Ads

Rejoice the day is upon us! Our benevolent glorious tech leader has once again bestowed a gift of wonder and style to the wrists of the (upper- and upper-middle-class) masses!

Apple Watch is finally here and a new trio of commercials take the brand’s distinct mix of product demo and ain’t-life-grand approach to new heights. Called “Rise,” “Us,” “Up” (ahhh, see what they did there?), the spots show a very happy, very diverse collection of people using the new device in every functional and emotional possible way. Love notes, opening hotel room doors, texting, exercise, alarm clock, plane ticket, fashion accessory, and, uh, watch.

“Rise” is the dawn of a new day, while “Us” focuses on personal connection and communication, then “Up” bats clean-up with a message of physical betterment and challenge. Between those lofty messages and the twee New Age-y piano soundtrack, without the watch close-ups, they might be mistaken for pitching space religion or anti-depressants.

Still, they look pretty cool.JB