Dove Asks 3 Visually Impaired Women What Beautiful Means To Them

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, right? A new Dove ad from Sweden gets its answer from three women who happen to be visually impaired.

“Blind Beauty” from the brand and agency Edelman Deportivo in Stockholm, talks to Anna, Ida, and Naomi about their self-image and how they define beauty. A survey by TNS Sifo on behalf of Dove reported that a quarter of Swedish women rarely or never think of themselves as beautiful, and only 2% think they are always beautiful. It also said that nine out of 10 believe that their self-image is important for them to feel beautiful.

The message: When and how they feel beautiful has more to do with emotion than aesthetic.

What do you think? Gimmicky or true to the tone that helped Dove’s Real Beauty campaign become a long-running success (and an improvement over a stunt offering misleading identity choices to female passersby)?JB