If “The Aviator” Was About Jeans, If Ireland Was Westeros: The Top 5 Ads Of The Week

Gun violence victims come back to life, a choose-your-own-adventure film on Instagram, a laundry ad you can dance to, and more.

If “The Aviator” Was About Jeans, If Ireland Was Westeros: The Top 5 Ads Of The Week

Attention to detail. It can be a tad annoying when it’s your roommate or life partner listing off all your domestic failings and horrifying habits, but in creating advertising that will connect and engage with an audience, it’s crucial.


The Toronto Silent Film Festival simply could’ve just posted 15-second clips of a few silent films on Instagram. Putting up Westerosi signs in the Irish countryside would’ve sufficiently conveyed Tourism Ireland’s point that yes, Game of Thrones shoots there. A jeans brand making a trailer-length gag inspired by The Aviator would’ve been enough for some to get the joke. No one expects to interact with a music video, particularly if it’s for Skip laundry detergent. And the Illinois Council Against Handgun Violence probably could’ve got a somber point across about victims of gun violence without the heartbreaking addition of the victims’ actual clothes.

Each of these didn’t stop at the expected, and instead used a keen attention to detail to make them things worth our time and not just taking up space. Like your manspreading couch hog of a roommate.

Venture below to read more about our picks for this week’s best in brand creativity.


Toronto Silent Film Festival “TSFF 2015”

What: The festival’s Instagram feed became a choose-your-own-adventure silent film, using clips from seven festival entries to let users see a unique movie based on their decisions.
Who:Toronto Silent Film Festival, Red Lion
Why We Care: It’s an innovative use of the social platform that not only delivers a unique experience in 15-second bursts, but is also uses a modern medium to illustrate the art form of film before talkies came along.

Tourism Ireland “Game of Thrones Territory”

What: Northern Ireland cheekily takes advantage of its role as the setting for many of the lands in the hit HBO show, with old-timey signs pointing the way to such scenic locations such as Winterfell and Dragonstone.
Who:Tourism Ireland, Publicis UK
Why We Care:Why should New Zealand get all the fantasy epic nerd tourism excitement? Plenty of people would be perfectly happy to pass the time waiting for George to finish the next book by shopping for “Targaryen-farmed” dragon eggs in Belfast.

Denham “The Jeanmaker”

What: The Amsterdam-based jeans brand follows up to its American Psycho-inspired, Cannes-winning film with another “explicit remake,” this time taking on Howard Hughes’s biopic The Aviator.
Who:Denham, Mike Teevee, John Weich
Why We Care: A meticulously absurd and entertaining way to bring the brand’s tagline “Truth is in the details” to life. If you know a denim fanatic, you know that Hughes is an appropriate device to spoof their peculiar pants-related obsession.


Skip “I Love What You’re Wearing”

What: The Unilever brand created an interactive music video that allows viewers to change the dancers’ outfits and get laundry tips while tapping their toe to Janelle Monáe’s “Tightrope.”
Who:Skip South Africa, BBH London
Why We Care: Who wouldn’t want to dance while learning to wash your jeans and black clothes inside out? That’s edutainment, people.

Illinois Council Against Handgun Violence “#Unforgotten”

What: An art exhibit to help fight gun violence, with statue-like recreations of victims dressed in their actual clothing around Chicago, created in collaboration with the victims’ families.
Who: Illinois Council Against Handgun Violence, FCB Chicago
Why We Care: There is no shortage of great anti-gun violence PSAs, perhaps so much so that it takes something pretty unique to stand out. The #Unforgotten exhibit is unexpected and detailed in how it makes the names and lives behind the brutal statistics come to life.


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