See R2-D2 Reimagined As Oscar The Grouch, Wilson the Volleyball, And Many Others

He’s already being rebooted in the new Star Wars movie, but JJ Abrams shouldn’t be the only one who gets to have fun with R2-D2. A new show allows other artists to rework the cylindrical robot in the image of their choosing.

The rather aptly titled R2-ME2 is a Sideshow Collectibles art show in which each artist offers his or her own skewed rendering of the real star of Star Wars. Sure, C-3P0 is fine and everyone general approves of his copper-plated fanciful foppery. R2-D2, on the other hand, is beloved by all, which is the vibe currently coming from the 2015 Star Wars Celebration event in Anaheim, which is home to the art show’s contenders.

Over 90 artists and fans customized the lovable, garbage can-sized droid for the show in styles that George Lucas never imagined. These include an Oscar the Grouch version, one inspired by Adventure Time, and even one with C-3P0’s severed head in its innards. Sadly nobody tried to mash up R2-D2 with Johnny 5 from Short Circuit for the ultimate 1980s mecha-robot.

Have a look through more R2s in the slides aboveJB