In This “Explicit Remake” Of “The Aviator,” Howard Hughes Is Obsessed With Denim, Not Planes

Denham, the Amsterdam-based jeans brand, has launched The Jeanmaker–a follow-up to its American Psycho-inspired Cannes-winning viral, Denham Psycho.

As with its predecessor, The Jeanmaker tells its tale with humor, intensity and darkness– this time, about a Howard Hughes-style denim designer’s obsessive pursuit of new styles that out-vintage the competition.

However, while Denham Psycho parodied urban hipsters, The Jeanmaker–inspired by 2004 Howard Hughes biopic The Aviator–focuses on how denim has evolved into a high-culture product to parody the obsessive pursuit of the “perfect wear pattern.”

The film is the second in what Denham is calling the “Explicit Remake” series. In each, Denham re-imagines cinematic classics transforming them into contemporary parables.

Explicit Remake was conceived and created by director Hugo Keijzer working with creative production house Mike Teevee and writer John Weich. Cinematography for The Jeanmaker was by Robbie van Brussel and production designer was Simon Bowles.

“Many ideas were thrown around and pitched, but it wasn’t until John came on board that we identified The Aviator and were able to mash what is essentially six or seven scenes into a coherent script,” The Jeanmaker‘s producer Ellen Utrecht explains.

“From a brand content perspective, our challenge was to create a piece of entertaining content that perfectly mimicked Denham’s own culture and particularly its tagline ‘Truth is in the details’.”

Every aspect of the film meticulosity plays into the brand’s ideals, she points out, including Bowles’s set design which includes hundreds of onstage scissors from (Denham founder) Jason Denham’s personal vintage scissor collection.

“These short films are our slightly absurd way of exploring our inner denim demons. It’s great to see the passion we put into our jeans in the film,” Denham observes.

Adds Keijzer: “(The Jeanmaker) captures the moment when you lose control of your creation.”MC