See Dino Hybrid Indominus Rex (And Just About Everything Else) In The New Jurassic World Trailer

Because conventional dinosaurs aren’t big, vicious or impressive enough, Jurassic World had to go an invent an entirely new killer beast. And the first, full length, official trailer doesn’t skimp on the sneak peeks of the blockbuster’s prize villain, Indominus Rex.

Okay, so by the looks of things we’ve got a T-Rex on ‘roids on the loose, 20,000 people stuck on an island populated by man-made dinos, Chris Pratt playing team captain to a squad of raptors, along with some jolly maybe-sexist banter.

The only details not revealed in this action-packed trailer are all the creatively grisly ways various side characters, herbivores, and theme park enthusiasts will be brutally slain and/or eaten.

So, as trailers for adrenaline-fueled, summertime popcorn flicks go, it’s basically perfect.JB