This Smart Button Helps You Remember Daily Tasks

Droplet alerts you when you’ve forgotten to do an important activity (take your meds on time, take out the trash) via a Smartphone app.

What if you pet fish could remind you to feed them, or your trash could remind you it needs to go out, or your medication could remind you to take it on time? Droplet, a new smart reminder button that’s currently funding on Kickstarter, makes all this possible.


Droplet attaches to various objects around the house used for important, regularly occuring daily activities. The button links up to an app on your smartphone, which you program with a list of activities you need to do. When you’re done doing a given task, you press the Droplet button that’s stuck to the object. If you forget to do a task, Droplet will send a reminder to your smartphone. Think of it as an alternate, more versatile version of Amazon’s Dash buttons, which allow you to reorder a specific product with one tap.

Why is Droplet better than, say, a daily reminder app on your phone, or, even simpler, an analog to-do list? Unlike many reminder apps, which nag you with reminders to do things, this one only sends you a notification if you forget to do a task–so it’s less annoying. And, the designers say that it remedies a main problem with to-do lists–you can snooze a reminder or ignore an item on your to-do list without having actually done it, but in order to check off a task, Droplet requires you to actually go press the button on the object, meaning you’re more likely to just get it over with.

But the app also tracks your activities and let you set goals, making it function not just as a reminder, but a way of quantifying your behavior–if you put a Droplet button on your yoga mat, for example, you can use it as a motivating way to keep up with a fitness routine and tracking your progress. The app can also be linked up to the Droplets of loved ones–for example, if you want to make sure an elderly parent is taking her medication, or that a kid is doing his chores, you can have Droplet send you alerts about their activities.

To some, it might seem like having to program yet another device just adds to the list of things to do instead of alleviating stress. But for the scatterbrained and chronically forgetful, it could be a system that makes life easier.

Droplet is available for pre-order on Kickstarter for $40 per button here.


About the author

Carey Dunne is a Brooklyn-based writer covering art and design. Follow her on Twitter.


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