If You Can’t Put Your Phone Down Like Ever, You Might Need This Texting Hat

“It’s not rude–it’s just multitasking.”

If You Can’t Put Your Phone Down Like Ever, You Might Need This Texting Hat

The classic texting position: hands up, thumbs waggling, head bowed, total disregard of the people around you.

You don’t mean to ignore your loved ones, but, come on, stop texting? No dice. But what if you could text and maintain meaningful eye contact with people? It’s not science fiction, friends–it’s the Texting Hat.

According to the Texting Hat website:

We became nostalgic for the days of yore when we could see people’s faces in places like coffee shops, walking on the street, waiting for the bus, at reception desks, or even when standing right in front of us in a conversation. It was just so much fun conversing with both a voice and eye contact! […]In order to not be an inconvenience to these super busy multitaskers, we decided it would be best to just solve the problem ourselves. Tadaa! Here comes the Texting Hat.

The Texting Hat is the brainchild of director Brad Hasse. It’s a spot-on skewering of the current state of human interactions (or lack of) in the digital era. Obviously, it’s not a real product, but there are instructions on the Texting Hat site for making your own if you really feel like being the worst kind of person ever. Do you?

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