New York’s New “No Catcalling Zone” Signs Direct Men To Keep It To Themselves

Somehow, men have still not yet been banned, just in general. In the meantime, though, to anyone walking around New York City this week, it would appear that at least catcalling has been outlawed.

Despite a notable PR push last fall, the scourge of men telling women to smile (and worse) is reportedly alive and well. Even after no less than Playboy told men not to do that! In support of the 5th annual Anti-Street Harassment Week, however, New York’s Feminist Apparel and Philly’s Pussy Division have put up dozens of “No Catcalling” street signs in their respective cities. There are apparently at least 50 in Brooklyn and Manhattan alone.

The authentic-looking street signs put it to men in no uncertain terms that women are not walking sex-opportunities, but rather people just trying to get through the day. It’s doubtful, though, that the signs will be as effective at warding off catcalls than tricking bros into catcalling their moms.

H/t to Animal NY